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European Accident Statement

The European Accident Statement is a form to be filled out in case of a road accident without calling the police. In other words, it can be used by drivers to get a statement of the facts of the accident for its further submission to the insurance company for compensation and to leave the scene as quickly as possible to avoid traffic congestion. Such practice is widely used in many countries of the world saving thousands of hours for drivers every year.

The European accident statement procedure is applicable in all Russian Federation regions. It can be used in case of an accident involving no more than two vehicles; without fatalities or injuries to the drivers, pedestrians or passengers; without any other property damages except for the vehicles of the parties involved in the accident; if each of the drivers holds a valid obligatory motor third party liability insurance policy in respect of the vehicle which is involved in the accident; if the parties involved in the accident have no objection to the circumstances of the accident or the list and nature of vehicle damages.

The maximum claim amount is RUB 50,000.

The so-called “unlimited” European accident statement procedure has been in force since 1 October 2014; it can be used for road accidents in Moscow, Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg or Leningrad Region provided that photos or video records of the vehicles at the time of the accident and their damages are available. The data on vehicle positions at the time of the accident registered using Global Navigation Satellite System technologies shall be also attached to the Statement. Requirements in respect of devices that may be used to record such information and procedures of its submission to the insurer to prevent fraud are set forth by the Government of the Russian Federation. If the above conditions are met, the maximum claim amount will be RUB 400,000.

If the vehicle of one or both drivers involved in the accident is registered outside the Russian Federation, the European accident statement procedure can be used if the driver(s) has the Green Card being the certificate of his/her motor third party liability insurance. For more information on the procedure of claim settlement, please, call the Green Card information center of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers at +7 (495) 641 27 87.