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On Appointing Correspondents in the Russian Federation

  1. A member of the bureau included into the List of Bureau Members may be a correspondent. A correspondent shall be under an obligation to have its own representative in each Russian Federation subject of the North-Western, Ural, Central, Privolzhsky and Southern Federal Districts.
  2. A correspondent representative shall comply with the following professional requirements and meet the following professional criteria:
  3. a) at least two years’ experience of making compulsory insurance contracts as an insurer’s office and paying insurance indemnities under such contracts (the compliance with these criteria shall be proved by the office foundation documents and the insurer’s respective activity through such office);

    b) use of the procedure specified by the bureau in estimating the damage and the amount of indemnity;

    c) compliance with the requirements set out in the internal documents of the RAMI applicable to the employees of the authorized office of the bureau member, except for the knowledge of foreign languages.

  4. The agreement for functioning as a correspondent representative concluded between a member of the bureau and another member of the RAMI shall be governed by the rules established by the internal documents of the RAMI in respect of an agreement for functioning as a compulsory insurance representative with account of these provisions.
  5. Correspondents in the Russian Federation shall be appointed on the basis of the request made by the Green Card national bureau, whose member is applying for the correspondent’s appointment. The following shall be taken into consideration:

а) Once a request for the correspondent’s appointment made by another Green Card national bureau is received, the bureau shall notify the correspondent candidate of such request and check the details the bureau has about this candidate for compliance with the requirements established in this clause;

b) The bureau may ask the candidate to provide more information and documents, which the candidate shall submit to the bureau within a reasonable period. The bureau may also ask any other person for more information and documents, or to organize a field check of the candidate’s activities.

c) The candidate’s compliance check with reference to the requirements specified by these provisions shall be completed within seventy-five days on receipt of the request. This period shall not include the term required to get additional information (documents) or organize a field check of the candidate’s activities;

d) Before the end of the check period, the candidate shall send to the bureau a written obligation to meet the requirements of these provisions or other internal documents of the RAMI applicable to the correspondents in settling the claims on Green Cards issued by the insurer as specified in the request for the correspondent’s appointment;

e) The bureau may reject a candidate if the candidate fails to comply with the professional requirements, or the bureau did not receive a commitment letter or additional information and documents before the end of the check, or the person or a member of the RAMI, whose offices will be the correspondent’s representatives of the person thereof, is indebted to the RAMI or any other member of the Green Card system;

f) The answer to the request for the correspondent’s appointment in the Russian Federation shall be forwarded to the requesting national Green Card bureau within seventy-five days on receipt of the request;

g) The bureau may terminate or suspend the correspondent’s powers by revoking the appointment if the correspondent fails to comply with the professional criteria and requirements the correspondent shall meet as prescribed by these provisions or any other internal documents of the RAMI.